Scene Setting 101: My Playlist

Lots of writers try to use music to help them shape a scene. I am no different.

I studied music for a year, and I loved it (except for singing-that’s why I quit). I have a very wide, eclectic taste encompassing everything from Tchaikovsky to Top 40, Panic! at the Disco to Faith Hill.

When I write a new scene, I’m more interested in the mood than anything else. Good moods will make for good scenes. Here’s a (VERY small) selection of the songs I listened to while writing Nightfall.



Warriors-Imagine Dragons

This song can be applied to several characters, but the way it applied for Sam and Jay made it one of my favorites. The intensity of it made it an excellent choice for those tense moments that needed both teamwork and adversity in equal measure.
Darkest Part-Red


Every single one of the ghosts has something they deeply regret about their lives. This song helped me work out the feelings of shame and frustration each character was feeling, especially with that music video.


Hey Brother-Avicii


Do I really need to explain this one? The Winters family may have their problems, but they’re still family.


Roads Untraveled-Linkin Park


Zoey, Gwynn, and Zane were all in their senior year of high school when they died. They all lost out on so many experiences, but Zoey especially had to learn to let go of that and move on after death.


Battle Cry-Imagine Dragons

A slow, haunting entrance, a driving beat, and the kind of desperation that comes with the moment death makes eye contact and refuses to move. Sounds perfect.






What am I listening to for book 2? Here’s a bit of a teaser, but I’m not going to explain any further!


Of These Chains-Red


Light in the Hallway-Pentatonix




What about you, readers? What do you like to listen to while you write? Let me know in the comments below!





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